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Hidden View Farm:
Manor House,  Gardens

&  Meadow

One hundred-plus acres nestled right outside of Historic Annapolis were purchased for a private home. With its hidden view of the headwaters of the South River, there is no better name for the gorgeous property than Hidden View Farm.

For the last twenty-six years,  the Farm's  owners have lovingly and painstakingly developed the property.  The property’s Manor House, meadow, woodlands, manicured formal gardens, Aquatic Garden stocked with graceful koi and its Amish barn are meticulously cared for every single day.

The Manor House is a step back in time with it’s elegant design situated in a wooded setting behind iron gates. Traditional Home Magazine described the handsome house with screened porch and formal gardens as: “There is a palpable sense of history here, invoked not only with architecture and color but with pedigreed European and American antiques and artwork as well.”

During your visit to Hidden View Farm, you’ll be greeted by fine feathered hosts, social and spectacular peacocks with resplendent plumage. Henry is the boisterous leader of the muster of male and female peacocks who have full run of of the property.

Hidden View Farm owners made their spectacular home and its tranquil setting available for special occasions and restorative weekend getaways.  They’ve also made a commitment to share their beautiful piece of Maryland countryside with generations to come via an easement to the Maryland Environmental Trust.

Hidden View Farm is part of the Maryland Environmental Trust which works with landowners, local communities, and citizen land trusts to protect Maryland’s most treasured landscapes and natural resources as a legacy for future generations. As one of the oldest and most successful land trusts in the country, The Maryland Environmental Trust holds over 1,080 easements preserving over 130,000 acres statewide. The Trust also provides grants to environment education projects through the Keep Maryland Beautiful Program.   1.855.528.9483

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